Standing core workout... bye bye boring crunches!

Standing Core Workout.jpg

Standing Core Workout

…bye bye boring crunches!

What if I told you that you could get a great core workout without even lying down on a mat? Would you believe it? More importantly, would you try a standing core workout!?

I originally wrote this workout, because I was bored with the typical core workouts you see on Instagram and Pinterest. I thought, “how could I work the core, AND stay standing?” I had some free time after a client session, played around with different movements, found a handful that I loved and felt the burn from…and viola! The Standing Core Workout was created!

Not only is the standing core workout DIFFERENT, it’s also great for anyone who physically can’t make it down to the ground! No more boring crunches that only work a few parts of the core. These movements will work MANY parts of your core (think front + back, from collar bone to your hips!).

Key things to remember:

-Keep your core tight and engaged the WHOLE time

-Work slowly through these movements!


Equipment Needed?
-Set of Medium Dumbbells

10 reps each movement; 1-3 rounds

1. Inside Outside Knee Drives (right/left)


2. Dumbbell Windmills (right/left)


3. Standing Twists (right/left)


4. Alternating Slow March (20 total)


5. Dumbbell Wood Chops (right/left)


Let me know if you try any of these movements!!!