Online Training


2 written workouts per month

3 written workouts per month

4 written workouts per month


Each of the above packages come with:

  • Access to Trainerize – each written workout will be delivered via Trainerize (with video demonstrations of each movement)
  • A touch base either before or after each scheduled workout to discuss movements, challenges, etc. (if needed)
  • Motivation and accountability from Holly (available for texts/emails/calls whenever needed!)
  • If possible, client will take monthly progress photos




Virtual Training

Virtual training sessions are the same as “in-person” training sessions, however, they are conducted via FaceTime or similar service.  These sessions can either be body weight based if no equipment is available or can be tailored based on the equipment available (i.e. in a hotel or home gym space). The rate for these sessions are the same as regular personal training sessions, found here.



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