About Taylor

Hi, I'm Taylor! I am new to Holly's team and couldn't be more excited to be a part of the HJF community! You may have seen me in Holly's bootcamps or at her many drop in classes.

I have been team Holly since 2020 attending her virtual workouts that saved me from going insane staring at the same walls of my house.

About Me
I have been, in some way, a part of the fitness industry since 2009. I played four years in collegiate volleyball, which set me up to understand the benefits of a team atmosphere and using fitness as an escape and not a punishment. It also taught me a thing or two on Olympic lifts, lifting heavy and how to do it while keeping yourself safe from injuries.

Following college, I searched for a new community that had the same passions as me...working out, running, indulging in sweets and trash reality TV. I found that community at HJF and I'm so glad I did!

My goal is to help you find a community that shows you that working out is so much more than just lifting or cardio. It's finding a space where you can reach your fitness goals while being yourself, never feeling judged and always having someone to discuss what happened on Love Island.

The Herdman clan is a family of four: my extremely supportive husband Andrew, my loving and very busy son Hudson, and my annoying (but we love him?) grey cat Lyle. I have a full time job that I love, so I guess you could call me a marketing guru by day and group personal trainer by early mornings!

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