A quick note about my testimonials page: Most personal trainer's testimonials pages are dedicated to showing before and after pictures...my testimonials used to be the same way! However, as I've been training over the years, I've realized that it's SO much more than that for my clients.

For some, this is important, and it's something we talk about and focus on.

For others though, fitness is more about feeling confident and happy, or about working on their mental health in addition to their physical health. Which by the way, I fricken love!!

So, that's why you won't see any "before vs after" pictures below. Instead, I just asked my clients to send me a picture that they liked of themselves, and little blurb about what HJF means for them. See what a few of them had to say below!


I've been a part of the HJF community for 3+ years and it's not an exaggeration to say it's been life changing. I've met so many great people and have improved not only my physical health, but my mental health as well. Having a safe and welcoming place to workout has been so beneficial. Holly does an amazing job at providing a variety of movements and formats for each workout. She challenges me to push myself, but totally understands there are times when I need to take it easy too! I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Holly J Fitness!


Being active and moving my body is a priority in my life - and I didn't want it to change when pregnant. As my body really started to change in the second trimester, I found it difficult to figure out what was safe. Following Holly for years and always loving her workouts remotely (from Portland, OR), I reached out to have her build a custom prenatal program of at home workouts. Not only did I feel much more confident that the workouts were safe and effective, her check-ins were the accountability I needed to workout until the bitter end. The program helped build strength for my changing body, mitigate weight gain and prepare me for labor. I ended up having an emergency C-Section, and the strength built through Holly's program has truly eased and sped my postpartum and surgery recovery. At 8 weeks out from delivery, I'm able to do all functional movements, workout l, nearly at pre-pregnancy weight and am rebuilding my core strength. I couldn't recommend working with Holly more in any phase of life, but especially this one!


I first became aware of Holly J Fitness during our state-wide quarantine when she was offering free live workouts on Instagram. I have been a life-long gym goer, mainly doing group fitness classes at a large, corporate fitness center nearby where I live. I have never been one to enjoy working out at home, but I immediately loved her style of training. The format is easy to follow yet very challenging, with a lot of ways to modify up or down to fit your own needs and goals. Once quarantine was over, I signed up for her outdoor bootcamps, outdoor park workouts, and now I've been doing her indoor bootcamps.  Holly has a contagious, positive energy that motivates you to keep going further than you think you can. I have found that the best trainers are inclusive, always making sure no matter where you are starting on your fitness journey, that you're not feeling less than or discouraged. Holly does this better than anyone I have trained with over the years. I have worked out with equipment I would have never been brave enough to try on my own. You wil leave her training sessions feeling stronger, empowered, uplifted and ready to take on the next challenge. Her app workouts are just as good as her live workouts; I highly recommend giving both a try!


Holly trained me before and during my first pregnancy - I was sad that I might have to lose working with her when I found out I was pregnant, but she informed me she was certified in pre/postnatal training and that I could continue in Bootcamp. Holly adapted the workouts each session to keep me and baby safe. She helped keep me moving and I was so happy. The workouts helped me keep my energy levels up during the fatigue of the first trimester. Holly provided me workouts that I could use throughout my entire pregnancy to supplement walks. These workouts assisted me in building the strength I would need and use everyday as a new mom (shout out to “ground get ups”). I am thankful for Hollys pregnancy training along with her contagious positive energy. I would highly recommend it to others and will feel confident continuing workouts in my next pregnancy!


Training with Holly helped me get "back to the basics" (although her training style is anything but basic!) and remember the importance of focusing on quality over quantity in my workouts. Holly fosters this awesome sense of authentic support and community in her bootcamp groups, which I haven't experienced through other classes or gyms. I never feel embarrassed with her or my bootcamp group when my uncoordinated self needs help with my form or need a new movement explained to me yet again.Also, I am HOOKED on the HJF app and cannot rave enough about it. The looping video clip of each movement in the workout is a game changer! I've tried dozens of workout apps, guides, and websites, and nothing beats that format. It's become a staple in my weekly workout routine!


I have worked with Holly for 3+ years. She has helped me get into shape for my wedding and most importantly has helped me stay strong throughout my pregnancy and now during postpartum. Women’s bodies change so much throughout pregnancy and it so nice to have a trainer who understands safe ways to train at every stage. I had a long labor but healed quickly- I credit my stamina from training with her. She makes training both challenging and fun!


I suffered from a lower back injury that would flare up every few months which would leave me sidelined for weeks. Finally my chiropractor said I needed to do something different and connected me with Holly J Fitness. Well, over a year later and injury free all I can say is working with Holly has changed my life!!!


Joining Holly’s bootcamp was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have been working out with her for 3+ years and have never felt better or more confident in myself. Before, I was intimidated to lift weights, but Holly makes me feel comfortable getting out of my comfort zone. Each week the workouts are different, which makes it challenging but fun.The community that Holly has built is amazing, and the girls in my bootcamp class have truly become my #fitfam!


Training with Holly has been the best investment I have made in myself.  I have finally made my health and fitness a priority thanks to Holly.

Holly is approachable, encouraging, and works with you on achieving your goals.  I have more energy and have experienced a boost in self-confidence.

I have trained with her for over 4+ years now and attribute sticking with it for so long due to Holly's continued encouragement and realistic approach.


I am committed to being my personal best me!  As an avid runner, I struggled with building my core strength and was looking for other options to change up my daily run/workout routine.

While I have worked with other personal trainers, Holly's approach is truly different. Her workouts are invigorating, tough, fun and personally rewarding. She has given me the confidence to push my limits each time we are together.

Thanks Holly, for your support and commitment!


I joined HJF to gain strength and improve the way I look for my wedding, but I've stayed (going on five years!) for the community, because I love the workouts, and the accountability. I've consistently exercised a minimum of twice a week, usually more, for over four years (!!), because the bootcamp framework is something I've come to really rely on and value.

Jen + Brian

My husband and I have always been active people. We belonged to a large gym, took classes at a smaller boutique gym, hired personal trainers, etc. We enjoy working out and how it makes us feel. When Covid-19 emerged and quarantine began we were no longer going to the gym which was very hard for us to adjust to both physically and mentally. I’m personally not self motivated to workout at home or to do workouts virtually. During quarantine when I had all the time in the world to deep dive into Instagram I came across Holly J. I instantly started following her and through her stories and posts fell in love with her! Her take on fitness was so refreshing and approachable. As soon as she posted her first outdoor socially distanced park workout I knew I needed to sign us up. I’m so glad I did! It provided us a safe, challenging and encouraging workout environment to return to as things opened back up! Even though we had never met her in real life she welcomed us like we were old friends! After the first couple park workouts we started doing personal training with Holly. We now see her for training a few days a week and have never been happier! She challenges us while encouraging us and creates workouts that make us feel strong. Working with Holly has been a real, true bright spot in an otherwise pretty dark year. Thank you, Holly for being such a great coach!! We’re forever grateful we found you!


I was lucky enough to find HJF back in March right when my gym closed. Holly did free, virtual weekend workouts, sometimes 2x a weekend for a couple months and after her first class I knew I wanted to connect with her and continue her workouts. She isn’t an over the top, pushy trainer, she’s genuine and relatable. She’ll even opt to do modifications during her own workouts which I love because her workouts are HARD and she openly acknowledges and demonstrates that you have to do what’s best for you during a workout and she does just that. I’ve been doing strictly home workouts since March and 70% of them are from virtual boot camps with Holly or off the HJF app and I feel the strongest I’ve felt in a long time. Holly is fabulous, her brand is amazing and her workouts are top notch!


Holly, you would never think seeing me workout on Zoom that I broke my pelvis Thanksgiving 2019 and didn't walk for FOUR weeks. Now I am jumping up and down, doing burpees and lunges, and feeling STRONGER than ever with Holly J Fitness! Thank you for making working out fun, slowly building up our strength and endurance, and for giving me the confidence to live a fit life (and do pushups)!