Holly is a pre/postnatal performance training specialist certified through PROnatal Fitness, and provides in person and online pre/postnatal training for women looking to stay strong during and after their pregnancy.


The goal of pre/postnatal training focuses on two important things:
  • Minimizing your risk of developing many common pains and injuries
  • Maximizing your performance - during pregnancy, childbirth, and post labor

Most programs emphasize the first point but neglect to create a program that truly prepares women to peak on their big day and beyond.

PROnatal Fitness (the education Holly received) seeks to fill this void.

PROnatal Fitness (+ Holly!) views the pregnancy journey like the major performance event that it is, directed to help women successfully meet each and every challenge throughout their journey, and emerge stronger than ever.

In Person Training

1-1 option: Holly offers in person pre/postnatal training in the same way as regular in person personal training. We'll work together to come up with a plan to meet your goals in your current stage of pregnancy.

Pricing: training prices are the same as other in person sessions. See below.

Prenatal/Postpartum Strength small group classes: Join a small group class focused on safe strength training for prenatal and postpartum (2-4 months) women.

Time/Pricing: Wednesdays 7am, $32/class - sign up here!

Online Training

Online pre/postnatal training includes:
  • Weekly check ins
  • Customized workout program + schedule for your goals during pregnancy and your available equipment. This includes suggestions for other workouts throughout the week (outside of HJF workouts) - this will be delivered via Google Sheets.
  • Unlimited communication with Holly (call, text, email - whatever you prefer!)

Pricing: for online training prices, please reach out via the form below as it varies based on the number of workouts/months.


$110 per session

5 Pack

$100 per session
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10 Pack

$95 per session
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20 Pack

$90 per session
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Online Pre/Postnatal Training

Are you interested in online training?

Pricing varies depending on how many workouts you are looking for per week, how many months of training you're looking for, etc.

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