The Holly J Fitness App

So easy to use!
Love to follow the on demand videos!
A quarantine life saver!

Introducing the Holly J Fitness Mobile App!

Install the application today for access to personally curated workouts, each laid out with:
Full length HD on demand videos
Video demos of each movement
Helpful tips/notes for each movement (where applicable)

Subscription Information

It's just $0.99 for the first 30 days, after that it's $19.99 per month
Get access to HJF's FULL CATALOG of workout content, which is currently over 150 workouts (and growing every week!)
Workouts organized by categories: Bodyweight, Core, Total Body, Upper Body, Lower Body
Every week, an additional 1 to 2 new workouts are released
Live workouts COMING SOON

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All workouts are designed to be completed at home, or at a small gym with little to no equipment - most often just a light to medium set of dumbbells, or just bodyweight!

Installation Instructions

Note: The HJF App is not a "traditional" mobile app and can not be found on the Apple or Google stores.

However, it can still be saved to your homescreen just like a traditional app! See below for iOS and Android instructions.

For iOS:
  • You must use the safari browser in order to save to your homescreen
  • Go to, or click here
  • Open the share options and tap on "Add to Home Screen"

For Android:
  • Android users can use any browser
  • Go to, or click here
  • Open the share options and tap on "Add to Home Screen"

Create an account today!

Try the app for just $0.99 for 30 days, and cancel at any time. Sign up now and get instant access to ~150 workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there videos of each workout?
A: Yes! It is very important to me to make sure that you know how to complete each workout, what to focus on with your form, etc. So, I have multiple video options:
  • Each workout has a complete on demand video so you can do the workout along with me! I'll take care of all of the timing for you.
  • Additionally, each individual movement has a separate demo video that you can watch to get clued in on form, etc.
Q: How many workouts will I have access to?
A: When you join, you’ll instantly get access to over 150 workouts. Additionally, there's typically 1 to 2 new workout released each week. So, a lot!
Q: How long are the workouts?
A: Workout lengths vary between 15 - 60 minutes. This depends on the style/focus for each workout.
Q: What fitness levels are the workouts intended for?
A: The workouts are intended to serve all fitness levels - if you need to scale something up or down you can choose to add another set, or remove a specific set/movement, adjust weights/simply use your bodyweight, etc.…whatever works best for you and the type of workout that you’re looking for!
Q: How does the trial work?
A: The first 30 days are only $0.99, and you can cancel your account at any time. If you like the app and choose to continue your subscription, it's just $19.99 per month after that.