The Holly J Fitness App

So easy to use!
Love to follow the on demand videos!
A quarantine life saver!

Introducing the Holly J Fitness Mobile App!

Install the application today for access to personally curated workouts, each laid out with:
Full length HD on demand videos
Video demos of each movement
Helpful tips/notes for each movement (where applicable)

Subscription Information

FREE 30 day trial, after that it's just $19.99 per month
Get access to ~25 workouts for free right away upon signing up
On the 1st of each month, 5 new workouts are released
Every week, an additional 1 to 2 new workouts are released
Live workouts COMING SOON

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All workouts are designed to be completed at home, or at a small gym with little to no equipment - most often just a light to medium set of dumbbells, or just bodyweight!

Installation Instructions

Note: The HJF App is not a "traditional" mobile app and can not be found on the Apple or Google stores.

However, it can still be saved to your homescreen just like a traditional app! See below for iOS and Android instructions.

For iOS:
  • You must use the safari browser in order to save to your homescreen
  • Go to, or click here
  • Open the share options and tap on "Add to Home Screen"

For Android:
  • Android users can use any browser
  • Go to, or click here
  • Open the share options and tap on "Add to Home Screen"

Create an account today!

Try the app for FREE for 30 days, and cancel at any time. Sign up now and get instant access to ~25 workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there videos of each workout?
A: Yes! It is very important to me to make sure that you know how to complete each workout, what to focus on with your form, etc. So, I have multiple video options:
  • Each workout has a complete on demand video so you can do the workout along with me! I'll take care of all of the timing for you.
  • Additionally, each individual movement has a separate demo video that you can watch to get clued in on form, etc.
Q: How many workouts will I have access to?
A: When you first join, you’ll instantly get access to 15 “foundational” workouts. Additionally, there's 1 new workout released each week, as well as 5 new workouts released on the 1st of each month. So, a lot!
Q: How long are the workouts?
A: Workout lengths vary between 15 - 60 minutes. This depends on the style/focus for each workout.
Q: What fitness levels are the workouts intended for?
A: The workouts are intended to serve all fitness levels - if you need to scale something up or down you can choose to add another set, or remove a specific set/movement, adjust weights/simply use your bodyweight, etc.…whatever works best for you and the type of workout that you’re looking for!
Q: How doe the free trial work?
A: You’ll receive a 30 day free trial when you first create an account, and you can cancel your account at any time.
Q: If I cancel my account, will I still have access to the app and the workouts that I've already paid for?
A: Yes! When you cancel your account, you’ll still have access to and be able to log in to the application. You’ll also still have access to the foundational workouts, as well as any monthly workouts that were released while you still had an active subscription.