7 easy ways to hold yourself accountable when working out at home


7 ways to hold yourself accountable when working out at home

Working out at home can be quite convenient, right?!

It can be so convenient that it doesn’t happen and instead you end up sitting on the couch watching 12 episodes of The Office. Def not hating on the Office…love me a good Netflix binge. HOWEVER! Stick to your commitments and hold yourself accountable to workout at home.

So how do you do that?!

Here are 7 easy ways to hold yourself accountable when working out at home:

Schedule time on your calendar (and stick to it- think of it as a meeting with yourself).

For most of you, when something is on your schedule you’re less likely to blow it off.

Don’t be like Michael Scott.

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Make sure this is a time that you have the most energy to workout (don’t postpone until later if you know working out late never happens for you).  

“Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never.”

Use apps that have live classes.

Peloton and ClassPass both have apps that allow you to “sign-up” for classes, and instructors love to give shout outs during the live workouts. Fellow class attendees can also encourage each other while working out at home via messages and virtual high fives.  These apps typically have communities built around them as well (like Facebook groups + blogs) where you can interact with fellow users and continue to motivate each other.

Have friends or family members hold you accountable.

Make it fun by putting something on the line. Tell your roommate or spouse you’ll do the dishes at dinner if you don’t get your workout in.

Social media is also a great way to have others hold you accountable when working out at home. If sharing your workout on your fav social media platform motivates you, then by all means post it!


Reward yourself for hitting goals.

Set your goal of working out at home for 3-4 times per week, hit your goal, and reward yourself. Think: new workout clothes, a massage, lunch at your favorite salad place or your favorite ice cream. Placing an incentive on the line, that you LOVE, will be even more motivating!

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Get an activity tracker.

Apple Watch + Fitbit give you the ability to challenge others with your activity during the day. You can see who has finished their workouts and how close your friends are to their daily goals. If Karen has already closed her exercise ring by 9am, use this as motivation to close your ring too!

Often times activity trackers will even have little reminders to get moving during the day. This is great since we typically get sucked into our computers during the day and forget to move!

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Take progress pictures and measurements.

This might be the most important (and motivating tip on this list). It’s much harder for you to see your own results, especially month to month. We look at ourselves everyday, so little changes are not as noticeable to us.

Pictures and measurements help with this and hold you accountable to keep up your workouts!

Also, remember, you don’t have to show anyone your pictures (unless you want to!), so don’t worry about looking “good enough” for your pictures. They are for your own motivation and progress tracking!


Which one of these will you use to hold yourself accountable and get your workout done at home?! Tell me in the comments!